January 2022



It all began with the premieres of seven new works for accordion one evening in March 2018 when SMCQ Artistic Director Walter Boudreau programmed eight new works for accordion by emerging composers Charles-Louis Frechette, Martin Henry, Symon Henry, Cristina Garcia-Islas, Gabriel Ledoux, and the established voices of José Evangelista (two works) and Yves Daoust. The concert was attended by a sold out house of more than 300, reviewed by critic Réjan Beaucage and published in CIRCUIT.

The compositional offerings included the modernist (Frechette), Cagean minimalism (Martin Henry), socio-narrative electroplay (LeDoux), live video and comprovisation (Symon Henry) re-creation (Evangelista) and LILY  - (with violinist Lynn Kuo) by Yves Daoust, Québec’s eminence gris of the electro-instrumental-narrative genre.   

LILY was commissioned by the Canada Council 2009 and written 2010-18. Originally envisioned for accordion, violin, and the narrations of a call girl’s reflections, Daoust began work on a parallel version of “LILY” sans instrumental forces for electroacoustic element and female narrator only 2016. The third iteration premiered for SMCQ March 2018 was a robustly re-voiced and amplified instrumental version for the concert hall (violinist Lynn Kuo).  The fourth iteration was recorded in Montreal and Toronto in the autumn of 2020 for an upcoming release on the empreintes digitales label entitled Docu-fictions. This recorded version reflects yet another dimension of Daoust’s legendary sense of the opera aperto – this time in his intimate relationship to the microphone and subtle mastering techniques which offer the listener unprecedented  sonic intimacy not possible in a concert hall performance.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to my collaborators Yves Daoust, Lynn Kuo, and Artistic Director Jean François for a wonderful journey of creation and re-creation.

For updates and news of LILY’s 2022 release on the album Docu-fictions please visit Emprintes Digitales’  website. 

“…undeniable emotional power…”

– Réjean Beaucage | Circuit