PRAISE FOR Music for Self-Isolation

“Truly a record of our times. There is a sense of loss and shared spirit in this music. It is saying, we might not be able to be together but let’s BE together.”

- Paolo Pietropaolo | CBC Music | In Concert

“A masterpiece of creative invention…”

- The Vancouver Sun

“It takes a special skill to be able to create a whole atmosphere in a work that is just 2 minutes long.”

- Suzy Klein | BBC 3 | Essential Classics    

January 2022

Music for Self-Isolation

Among the many albums I’ve released over the years, Music for Self-Isolation is very special. The brainchild of Frank and Lisa Horvat, it was memorable for their inclusivity and professionalism, of course. But, on a deeper level, it was their empathy for the predicament of musicians and artists during covid that inspired their vision for this project of scope. Lisa and Frank’s choice of venue at Roy Thomson Hall to record Music for Self-Isolation touched many triggers, irony prominent among them, as musicians seated on the stage of RTH in front of 2,300 empty seats in an acoustic marvel used to receiving waves of symphonic sound, recorded their instrumental miniatures in a hall waiting to be populated again. In this moment, there were many layers of thought provoking perspectives that unfurled around Covid culture, inclusivity, re-imagined creativity, questions of survival, collaboration and recognition. We recorded in January, and received notice from Frank and Lisa that the collaboration had been voted one of the Top 5 Canadian albums of 2021 by the CBC.  A serendipitous book end to Covid 2021. 

Congratulations to Lisa and Frank and all the artists on the album – so deserving of the many accolades that came from international media and across the wires.