April 2022   

SEEN | New Album Release

In his liner notes for my new album SEEN, writer Nick Storring comments that as little as twenty years ago things such as stylistic pluralism and the disintegration of various boundaries aesthetic and otherwise were still regarded as novel conceptual avenues for artists. That tide, unstoppable as it was led to a place where one can no longer help but engage with these principles.

My upcoming release of SEEN reflects aspects of these cultural shifts in my embodied practice of long duration blending cultivated interests of cutting-edge electroacoustic innovation, historical performance practice, free improvisation and composition while respecting aspects of popular and “art” music approaches without pandering or over-thinking such exchanges. Here the curiosities of my creative predilections created a clearly identifiable interpretive voice in new creation, one dimension of my search for a deeper expressivity of the accordion’s fluid sound and lyrical dynamism. As I walked and worked on the margins looking in to the homogenized center I discovered fresh perspectives beyond the compartmentalizations and echoes of yesterday, such oppositions offering a rich wellspring for a music with irony. These persistent perspectives of the unimaginable accordion medium are encapsulated in the microcosm of SEEN with works from every decade 1964 to the present.

An independent Canadian CD production, SEEN is scheduled to launch July 15, 2022 on Vancouver’s Redshift label and includes the solo electroacoustic works by David Jaeger, Peter Hatch, and Erik Ross, and acoustic solo works by Robert May, Norbert Palej and Torbjorn Lundquist.

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