April 2022   

SEEN | New Album Release

In his liner notes for my new album SEEN, writer Nick Storring comments that as little as twenty years ago things such as stylistic pluralism and the disintegration of various boundaries aesthetic and otherwise were regarded as novel conceptual avenues for artists. That tide, unstoppable as it was led to a place where one can no longer help but engage with these principles.

My recent solo album SEEN reflects many aspects of these cultural shifts, a cultivation of my fascination with cutting-edge electroacoustic innovation, historical performance practice, free improvisation and more recently, composition, while respecting aspects of popular and “art” music approaches without pandering to such exchanges. With this in mind, my curiosities led to a deeper expressivity of the accordion’s fluid sound and dynamic lyricism. As I traversed the electroacoustic and Classical geography from the margins I told new stories beyond the compartmentalizing echoes of yesterday.  SEEN is only one collection of stories, a microcosm of playful seriousness in the musical art with works from every decade 1964 to the present. 

An independent Canadian CD production, SEEN was launched 19 August 2022 to international acclaim on Vancouver’s Redshift label with works by composers David Jaeger, my compositional debut,  Peter Hatch, Erik Ross, Robert May, Norbert Palej and Torbjorn Lundquist. 

My instrument was built by Leo Niemi (1931-2021) in 1994-6, Sudbury, Ontario.

“The sheer beauty of sound magnificent, ...the performance, so rhythmically calibrated, is stunning.”

Fanfare USA

“Petric's iridescent virtuosity is gorgeous... uncompromising and daring.”


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